I finally got brave enough to purchase a large cage for the mice.  They have been in a 20 gallon aquarium since December while I waited for Pip to get big enough to not be able to squeeze through any size cage bar spacing.    I ended up going with a bird cage and converting it a bit to accommodate three bouncy mice (well, two bouncy mice, Hazel practically rolls where ever she needs to go). Yesterday the cage was all ready and we plopped in the mice.  They hid in the igloo for the first several hours, of course, and still weren’t out much before I went to bed.  With the exception of Moo – she lives in her wheel (you can barely see her nose poking out of the wheel in the photo).  I half expected Pip to be long gone by the time I got up this morning, but she was snuggled up in a piece of fleece on the second level of her new abode.  So it looks like it’s gonna work out great. The new cage will be extremely helpful in cleaning the litter, feeding them and giving them proper ventilation.  However I did forget about the curtains behind the cage, so they now have some new custom mice lacing.  It’s been a while since I’ve had rodents and I’ve forgot how much they love to pull fabric and other items into their cage through the bars.  Oh well – at least I have happy mice now! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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