Yay! My orthopedic specialist appointment didn’t end with me having a cast applied to my broken elbow! *happy dance*  Instead I am only doomed to the sling for the next 8 weeks and possibly some physical therapy later.  Not so bad considering the alternative.  I got me some more drugs too, that always helps.

So in the last 5 days I have learned to do many things one handed – some of which take great talent.  I can now get dressed, button and unbutton my pants, open mail, type pretty good, take a shower and wash/dry my hair, apply make-up, drive my truck, put on my sling and feed my fish, to name a few.  What I can not do is connect my bra (sports bras for the next 2 months), open tightly closed bottles, hold objects heavier than a sheet of paper in my left hand, fold laundry (yay!) or operate my camera (boo!).

I have found that after a day in a sling my fingers resemble albino sausages, my shoulder blades ache and my entire left arm spasms intermittently.  I have also found that showers become a bother, bedtime is dreaded and driving is done cautiously.  Hopefully all will be back to normal in a couple of months.