So I was wrong about blogging more while I was recovering from my surgery…percocet’s and blogging don’t go together. Percocet’s and reading don’t go together. Pretty much sleeping is all that goes good with percocets. But I’m happy to say that I’m almost feeling back to normal and the worst of it is over.

The week before I was off work for my recovery I had put in a bid on a Ford F-150 that was up for auction at work. I low-balled it thinking there was no way I’d get it for a decent price. Well lo and behold, I won the auction! It was very dirty, very stinky and needed every type of maintenance done to it that you can think of. It was a reclaimed theft salvage vehicle and the plates expired in 2005…that should give a good indication of the shape it was in!

Jason spent the week changing oil, flushing the radiator, changing the fuel pump, etc while I spent the week cleaning out the inside, pressure washing the bed and cleaning out the junk that was left in it. It still needs new tires and some running boards and a few miscellaneous small fixes, but it’s about done. So I now have a pretty 2000 Ford F-150 Lariat! Well, I might. I’m going to drive it for a few weeks before I decide if I want to keep it or my Ford Escape. But just look at this baby! How do I turn this down!?