Almost Christmas again already – it’s amazing how time flies the older I get.  For lack of anything interesting to blog about, I bring you yet another photo flashback from this time last year.  Unless you prefer to hear about my dog’s recent bout with diarrhea that seems to be contagious and hitting them one at a time….yeah, didn’t think so.

My sis-in-law Amanda, my brother Jeremy and my niece Taylor.  My brother has issues keeping his eyes open and smiling at the same time. 😉
Amanda, Taylor & Jeremy

And you may remember Pip Squeak!  Pip was the baby mouse we found in our basement all alone last December.  We kept her with two domesticated female mice, Moo and Hazel, until it got warm enough to let her go outside.  We let her out in our shed in the backyard and have spotted her there in the nest she built when we go into the shed.  🙂

Pip Squeak

And Miss Moo – Moo and Hazel have been adopted by my good friend Jenn’s daughter, Lexi.  She loves them and I think they love her too!