So, it’s Pink October once again.  Once upon a time, I would have acknowledged the month and moved on with my next thoughts.  Now, October has a whole new meaning for me.  At one time it was about me walking for “the cure” as a generic term. Now, it’s walking “for the cure” for me and my family.  It’s amazing what a year will bring.  The first time I walked my first breast cancer walk, it was for a “good cause”.  Now when I walk a breast cancer walk, it is for my Mom, my Grandma, my Great Aunt, and for Myself.  Who knew what a difference a year or two would make.

I do not necessarily support all of the foundations that claim to “support breast cancer”, but I do try to do my part to show support where I can.  I do not actively donate to breast cancer organizations, mostly because I have yet to find one that genuinely gives to the cause at hand.  I do participate in Dirty Girl Mud Runs and some Komen Walks, just because it is a cause I believe in – but not necessarily because it’s a entity I support.  At any rate – the month is upon us.  I will not ask anyone to donate to any specific organization – but I do ask that you do your research before you donate to ensure your money donation is going to the best possible place it can go to.  Your money does not need to go towards advertising and “swag”.  It needs to go towards research, donations to those that can’t afford mammograms, and awareness.  Without awareness, there is no initiative.  Without initiative, there is no prevention.  Without prevention, there is no cure.