Today marks the completion of our Power 90 program!  We only missed a few days ( those with the lines through them ) and most of those were replaced with another type of workout.  We  missed our deadline by one week since we took a rest week at week 11 – we were feeling a bit run down and it did us good to take a small break. It feels awesome to have completed it!  Now we have a rest week while we wait for our two pull-up bars to arrive. Once we get those installed in the ceiling and the tv swapped out for a larger one ( which we already have ), we’ll be good to start P90X together!  I’m ready to Bring It!


Power 90 Losses:
Weight – 14.5 pounds
Waist – 4″
Hips – 2.5″
Chest – 3″
Arms – 1″ each
Thighs – 2″ each