Today I was thinking about what some of my goals will be for 2010.  There are the usual financials, work improvements, healthier lifestyle type deals, and believe me, there are plenty of those goals…but I also want to make a fun goal in something that I enjoy. In 2008 I completed Project 52 – a photo project that requires the participant to take (at least) one photo a week for one year and post it to some sort of group, in my case Flickr.  I successfully completed this project and you can see my Project 52 results here.


In 2009 I dabbled around with some photography scavenger hunts and have had a really good time with them.  However, with a new year brings a new project.  Project 365.  Project 365 is similar to Project 52 however, you guessed it, it’s a photo a DAY for one year.  I wanted to do this in 2009, but work schedules and time restraints told me it wasn’t feasible.  That may still be true now, but I think I’ve become more comfortable with my photography and my photography style that it will be more likely to happen now. Plus I have a drive to learn more about it and what better way than to force myself to take a photo a day and try to make it at least a decent subject matter?  On top of that, I plan to post each daily photo to this blog (among my usual ramblings).  I don’t know how far I’ll get with it, but I think it’s worth a shot!  And I’ll continue to keep up my scavenger hunts as well – they are great fun!


So in the new year, prepare to see more posts, more photos and with any luck at all I’ll meet my Project 365 goal, even if you do see a lot of future photos of my dogs.  😛