I’ve been chasing a pair of Red Shouldered Hawks that live down by the pond at work for a couple of months now trying to get some decent shots. Today as I was getting in my truck I noticed one of them in the tree by the pond. One had a rabbit and was perched on top of the light post in the parking lot and the other joined him. As I was changing my focus one of them swooped down and dive bombed me. I literally had to duck to my knees to keep from getting clocked. I just wish I’d have had my focus ready when s/he was swooping straight for me! It was quite exciting!

Red Shouldered Hawk - 67/365

Red Shouldered Hawk II

Red Shouldered Hawk III

Yesterday was such a beautiful day that Jason and I spent most of the afternoon on the screened porch with the pups.  I got all the boys’ photos.  Lois Lane wouldn’t sit still (go figure).

Hardy Dog - 66/365

Buddy Dawg

Blue Dog