This is Sam, one of my mother-in-law’s two cats.  We were visiting today and Sam and his roomie Sylvester were all cuddled up together in their heated box.  His ear folds over because had a blood vessel burst in his ear and it filled with blood, which eventually healed.  The ear flop is called a clover ear – thanks Matthew! (This can also happen when they have a bad case of ear mites.)   You can’t tell his size well from the photo, but he is one, huge, fluffy kitteh!

The weekend was busy, but good.  We got to spend a lot of time with Portia.  She’s headed back home now and we won’t see her again until sometime next month due to the next 3 weekends being booked up by her plans and ours.  Blue is improving.  He’s still on cage rest and probably will be for a while.  He goes back to the vet on Thursday.