My first photo scavenger hunt is completed and I came in 5th place out of 11 participants.  Not bad for my first attempt!  The next one starts soon so I’m hoping to do better.  I didn’t find 4 of the items on the list, which cost me 20 points, so my goal for May’s hunt is to get all items for that extra bonus! 

Not much else going on.  Mother’s Day is tomorrow so we’ll be making the rounds to visit moms.  I made gifts for my mom, mom-in-law, grandma and mama this year.  But since some of them read my blog I can’t say what it is just yet.  But I’ll likely be posting photos in the coming days as it’s a first attempt at this type of project.

I’ve been working a lot with some of our “pet projects” this week.  One of them is our All Our Paws blog, which we just set up discussion forums for.  If anyone has pet related issues to discuss, check it out!  It’s a wealth of information already and growing steadily.

Another site we’ve started noodling around with is our Garden and Home site.  It’s basically the same idea as the pet research site, but for information about craft projects, gardening tips, recipes, etc.  We just got the first post up yesterday (a small how-to on hand made Mother’s Day cards) so it’s a newbie site and still pretty small.  We have faith that it will grow nicely though.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you hot momma’s out there.  Hope you have a wonderful day!