We had no luck finding Scooter’s “owners” so he is trying out his new adoptive family with our good friend Mykel. Raving feedback from Mykel after two days indicated that “he has successfully peed everywhere”. Doh! We have since heard that Scooter is learning to control himself and is settling in well. Hopefully this will lead to a forever home for Scoot.

Before Scooter was re-homed we took another camping trip a couple of weeks ago to Park City, Kentucky to visit Diamond Caverns. Campers included me, Jason, Portia, the rabbit and the four dogs…what a feat that was! Though it was an awesome trip and a great way to wrap up camping season for the year. We were able to choose our own campsite and managed to pick one with no one else around and facing the woods, so lots of seclusion. So much, in fact, that we were awakened by the yips of coyotes on both nights! It really is an eerie sound to hear so close! While we were there we took the Diamond Caverns tour, which was very cool, literally and figuratively. It was a worthwhile tour, though a bit overpriced in my opinion for what it is. One of those things you’ll do once and probably never again. Lots of photos from the campsite and the tour are here.

In other news, not much going on. Work has finally slowed down to a manageable speed and I’m trying to catch up on everything I can before next week when I’m out for four days due to an out-patient surgery. Nothing major…but hopefully something that will give me some of my freedom of life back. Jason, the awesome hubby he is, is taking off work all week to look after me during my recovery and keep me entertained. Luckily for him a few movies, a good book and my laptop with an internet connection will do just fine. I’m sure I’ll be adding extra entries that week out of sheer boredom.

And on a final note, we’re back on our property hunt. We were house hunting for a while, but after realizing we’re not going to find the combination house and land we want in our price range we decided to swap back to the property search with a bit different criteria. So we’re awaiting information on a 38 acre farm, a 15 acre mini-farm and a 17 acre wooded tract and hoping they will meet enough of our criteria to go out and look at in person. We’re really hoping the 38 acre farm works out…how cool would that be! We would later build a house to our specifications on the property along with a barn and a pond. Sweet bliss!