It’s snowing! And not just the piddly little 1 -2 inches we usually get either! The current prediction is 8 – 12 inches by tomorrow morning for us here in the Louisville area. This started out as 3 – 4 inches and has been growing steadily. I generally don’t like the cold or the snow, but to get this much makes me peek out the window every 5 minutes like a giddy little girl. The photography opportunities alone are enough to push me over the edge! With any luck I’ll have some new winter shots up on my Flickr account in the very near future! And this gives me a chance to try out the new truck in inclement weather as well. 😉

In other updates, my elbow is on the mend. Further x-rays revealed that I have a small chip of bone floating around in my elbow area, but nothing to be concerned about. The doc said it is likely due to a tendon or ligament catching on the edge of the fracture and snapping off a piece of the bone during impact. The fracture is healing well and I was able to remove the sling on Monday and started physical therapy two days a week. It’s amazing how quickly an appendage forgets how to work properly with just a month of immobility. One of my PT tasks was to pick up a pile of pennies and beads with my left hand and once I had a handful to put them into a container. Surprisingly it took me almost 5 minutes to fill up half a cup the size of a single serving yogurt container.

I’m happy to say that I have made progress through the week and can almost type normally now, can button my pants and can grip and hold objects that are lighter than 5 pounds. I still can’t bend or extend my left arm all the way, nor can I turn it as much as I should be able to, but I should regain all of those movements within the next 4 weeks of physical therapy. Hopefully I’ve regained enough movement to easily operate my camera this weekend!