These two are a funny pair. Lois Lane (the black one) is the only female dog we have and is aloof and thinks of herself as a Queen and a person moreso than a dog.  L.B. (the red chiweenie) is a total dog who loves his toys and wants to play with all dogs, no matter their size, breed or color. L.B. is quite wary of Lois Lane though as she isn’t much the playing type and doesn’t really seem to care for L.B. too much. Once in a while we’ll catch her playing with him, but mostly he steers clear of her and her gnashing teeth.

So imagine my surprise to snap this shot of them bird watching out of the bedroom window. They like to do this while I work out (our workout room is the other half of our bedroom), but generally will only lay there one at a time. They laid like this throughout my entire workout watching their birds together today. Maybe they are growing to love one another!