Jason has been messing around with electronic design and micro-processor coding lately and decided to try his hand at creating me a sound trigger to set off my flash for photography.  Tonight we got to play with a test run of his first pass by popping balloons.  The equipment used was a Nikon D-80 on a tripod; one Nikor SB-600 flash mounted to a separate stand, camera right, which was attached to the built device – an Arduino based ATMega 328 micro-controller on a custom breadboard.    We only had a handful of balloons to test with (I will be buying more tomorrow) so we documented the results below.  Once he gets this one sorted out he will being working on a visual sensor for me for my bird photography, which I will also document.  Once I get some more test material, I will also be updating with more photos and test runs, hopefully with some better focusing!  😉

Feel free to ask questions in the comments section for any setup or Arduino related questions – one of us will answer depending on the subject of the question.

This is the Arduino breadboard build – SB600 to the left – AC adapter to the right:

Balloon Pop #1 (you can see the controller board sitting on his lap) :

Balloon Pop #2 (yes, it caught me off-guard – it was dark and I wasn’t sure when it was going to pop – ha!) :

Balloon Pop #3 Closeup – splits right down the middle! :