We’ve been working on saving energy and money lately and spring is here, so what better way than air drying laundry old school style! This set up is nice since it doesn’t take up space in the yard and it can be easily removed and replaced with the table umbrella once laundry day is done.  Plus, the table doubles for instant folding space. Since it’s just the two of us here, laundry gets done once a week so the portable laundry line can be put up Monday morning and put away with the clothes Monday afternoon.  Perfect!

If you want one of these bad boys you can get one here.

Update: Due to the constant winds we seem to have here, this idea, good in concept, didn’t work as good on very windy days.  The wind was too much and knocked the entire table over.  So now we’ll be installing the clothesline in the ground.  It’s great for gently breezy days though!