On July 20 my niece turned three years old – I can’t believe it! Time sure does fly. In order to celebrate Amanda and Jeremy (my sis-in-law and brother) booked a party at Pump It Up. What a fun place for a kid’s party! There is a big room full of bounce houses, climbing walls and slides…and the kicker of it is, this room is reserved for only members of your party. No looking for your invitees in a sea of strange kids…no wondering if some strange kid bully is after your child!

After an hour and a half of play time there is a party room with a throne for the birthday kid to sit in (which Taylor was so excited about). After cake and icecream gifts are opened and one of the staff members takes care of keeping track of who each gift was from, giving the family time to just relax and enjoy the festivities. I really wish they had something like this when Portia was growing up…how much easier things would have been! Here are all of the photos from the party for anyone with little kids that may be interested in having a party here…and of course for any friends and family members that visit my blog to see photos of Taylor’s big day!

Jeremy & Taylor – First trip down the big slide

Princess Taylor