I have been looking into purchasing an action camera for some time now. I started with looking at GoPro cams and comparing differing models. I had finally decided to probably purchase the GoPro Session for it’s smaller price tag since I wasn’t sure how much I’d really use one.  Last week a friend told me about the DBPower EX5000 – essentially the same as a GoPro Hero at a fraction of the cost.  I read some reviews, watched some footage, and decided that for under $60 for the camera and accessories it was a no brainer for a starter camera for me to play around with.

I’m still learning how it all works, but it’s pretty simple. I purchased the one with an LCD screen so I can line up my shots, and with WIFI so I can control it from my phone. For my first test, I mounted it to the dash of my truck while driving around to see what the quality would be. I’m very pleased with how it turned out and am now in the process of learning basic video editing, which I’ve never done before.  ( Since I run Ubuntu Linux I’m using OpenShot for basic editing for now, which is simple to use for a beginner and, of course, free. )

In time I plan on using it for kayak trips, camping trips, and anywhere else that it may come in handy for some fun footage.  Here’s the footage of my little drive and first shot at playing around with the EX5000.  More to come!