So as you may know, I am involved in a monthly photo scavenger hunt group.  It really is great fun and keeps me shooting, even in the busiest of times.  I’m trying really hard to keep my scavenger hunt photos interesting and not just a blah photo of some inanimate object, but sometimes it’s difficult!  So for this round and any upcoming I’ve decided that if I can’t get a good, artistic, pleasing photo, I will just bypass that photo opportunity, even if it means not getting my hunt item.  For some items this is very difficult to do, but I’m trying my best.  For example, three things today that I got were 1) Colored erasers; 2) A patch or badge; 3) Something depicting a hobby.  So I searched about the house (since I’m still mostly home-bound) and came up with the following:

Got Erasers?

Hobby Gathering Dust

My favorite of this set is the erasers – the colors pop and turned out quite nicely.  Not sure about the other two, but I’m working towards a goal here and that takes time!  Stay tuned for more scavenger hunt goodness…