The Stage Setup for “Bug”

Tonight we went on our monthly date night and decided to try something new.  We headed down to “The Bardstown” on Bardstown Road in the Highlands to have dinner and watch a play.  The Bard’s restaurant has a  Shakespearean-themed menu that includes their signature Bard Burger or Steakspeare, vegetarian “To Bean, or Not to Bean” Black Bean burger, First Folio Fish, and much more.  You can eat and see a show or go just for dinner or simply meet with friends for drinks.

Jason and I had the signature Bard Burger with the seasoned fries – wow, it was delicious! In fact, everything on the menu looked good. After we ate we had about a half an hour to kill so ordered a couple of drinks and chatted at the table while waiting for the theater doors to open ( it is separate from the dining room, but you can still order drinks during the show ).

The play we saw was called “Bug”.  As per the site description:
“Bug focuses on Agnes, a divorced waitress who loves cocaine and is on the run from her abusive ex-husband Jerry. She meets Peter, a former Army soldier who is now a drifter, and they begin what is at first a platonic relationship. What follows will be a chaotic turn of events that includes bugs, paranoia, the return of Jerry, twisted conspiracy theories, and more.”

It was a very fun experience and a perfect date night.  We will most certainly be going back again!