So I finally decided it was time to enter the lovely world of blogging. I love reading friends blogs, and even some techy blogs, so why not?

A little about me to start things off. I’m currently 31 years old and live in Kentucky with my husband, Jason, and my daughter, Portia. We have 3 dogs (Hardy, Blue & Lois Lane), one cat (Big Worm) and one rabbit (Oreo, aka: Bunn). I used to have pet rats up until a couple of months ago. Great little pets, but it was time for a rat break after 12 years and too much heartache.

I work for a local insurance company as a web developer/web focus admin/programmer. I also have my own business in web development. I named my company after my dog, Blue. 🙂 [ B.Dog Development merged with Go Boy I.T. to create Webfoo, Inc. ] In my spare time I love to try out new crafts and hobbies and improve on others, namely scrapbooking, glass etching, rubber stamping and photography.

One of the big reasons I wanted to start blogging is to capture our soon to come camping expeditions. We recently purchased a travel trailer so we can go camping with our family, friends and furry critters.

Much more blogging and photography to come!