Today as I was getting out of the truck from my trip to Costco, the dogs were more than usually excited for me to come home.  I stepped around the truck to greet them and spied this opossum sitting about 6 feet away from the dog yard under our maple tree.  I’m not sure what s/he was doing out during the day – blind as a bat – but s/he allowed me to get photos { I didn’t get that close – I was working with my 200mm lens }.  Once we got the dogs and groceries inside the opossum when along its merry way.

This also gave me the opportunity to really try out my new Samsung NX300 with the new 200mm lens.  I’m highly impressed with the sharpness of the photos due to the distance I was from the bird and the opossum. I don’t think my Nikon was quite that sharp with my 200mm lens on it.  Makes me happy!

Here is another view of the opossum and one of the tit mouse.