Two Christmas gatherings down, two to go.  One more on Christmas Eve at my mom’s for the “big family” party and then we head to Jason’s mom’s on Christmas morning.  Then on Saturday we move the rest of Portia’s items for her room and the evil rabbit to her mom’s house and then sweet relaxation until New Year’s Eve!  After tomorrow I’m off work until January 4th and I really look forward to the time off. We don’t have much of anything planned between the 26th and 31st and I like it that way.

Hardy has a birthday coming up on the 25th as well!  Old fart will be 16 years old (our closest guess).  He doesn’t do so well in the cold weather these days so I broke down and bought him a couple of sweaters to wear outside.  He likes them so much I’m just leaving one on him all the time.  He’s such an old man – full of wire hair and warts.  I’ll try to get a photo of him in his new digs.

Until then, Merry Christmas!

Self Reflection