I hate winter. I really, really hate winter. I hate winter in Kentucky specifically. It’s cold, it’s gloomy and depressing. The ground is always mushy, which results in three sets of dirty dog prints throughout the house for three months straight and an irrate cat that tries to sneak into the house any chance he gets. One day it’s sunny and 50 degrees and the next it’s dreary, windy, cold and in the midst of an ice storm. Not to mention the tornados we had 6 miles from my house on Tuesday night. I mean really, tornados in January? What the heck is going on around here anyway?

So here I am on a Thursday afternoon, getting out of work in less than an hour. I was supposed to meet my friend Jenn for an evening out, to get away from it all for a few hours (which very rarely happens). But no, now we’re waiting for 1/4″ of ice and sleet and an inch of snow tonight. If it was just snow, meh, fine, I have 4 x 4. But ice – nope, not gonna risk it. I, being the weenie that I am, do not want to be stuck out on the slick roads in my new truck for just any moron to come flying by and hit me or push me into a ditch. Of course now that I have cancelled my plans the weather will “take a sudden turn” and do nothing but spit a little rain and move along – it never fails.

Luckily tomorrow is Friday and the work week has flown by. Thank goodness for the little things.