Wow, it’s been a busy week.  Work has been hectic, stressful and crazy for the last week with no end in sight.  I’m reaching major deadlines for my day job and for my side business and it’s really keeping me on my toes.  We’ve gone into mandatory overtime for the next two months for a project implementation at work  and I’m struggling to catch up with another deadline for one of the Mesker side business projects.  On top of that I have two agency visits this week to Eastern Kentucky, which means another over night trip (had one the week before last, also).  But at least it should be interesting – it’s a part of the state I’ve never been to before and I plan to take my camera with me for some sight seeing opportunities!

Luckily we got to go hang out with some good friends last night.  It’s amazing how a few hours with good company can de-stress the body!  I love my friends!

On a side note, we just launched another blog project this week…sort of a pet project (no pun intended!) call All Our Paws (formerly Pet Research).  This is a joint effort between Jason and I to publish some of the research we’ve done over the many years each of us have had animals and pets.  It will range anywhere from the average household of dogs and cats and span out to pocket pets (rats, mice, gerbils, etc) and also going into wildlife rehabilitation and capture and release tips.  It’s still work, but it’s a break from the everyday work that both of us do, to an extent, in that we really have a passion for it and enjoy it.

And on that note…it’s back to work for me!