Project 365: 80/365
Cold, Rainy Sundays - 80/365
I always have to fight the beast to get a spot on the couch.  If I resort to the armchair, he decides he’s a lap dog…and then I can’t see the tv.

Project 365: 81/365

Too Big - 81/365

When the big dog toys are too big to fit in your mouth, just sleep on them.

In regular, non-dog news, we found another piece of property that looks *really* nice and perfectly what we’re looking for, in theory.  We’ll find out on Friday when we go check it out to see if it’s all it appears to be.  It’s in Taylorsville, so not too far from Louisville and in a beautiful area of the state, very close to Taylorsville Lake.  It’s 18.5 acres and already has a structurally sound tobacco barn on it, which would be awesome for storage.  The front 6 acres are cleared and the rest is all nice, lush woods with a gentle drop-off perfect for building out a walk-out ranch (so we were told).  We’re trying not to get our hopes up too much, but if this really is all it’s described to be, we’ll be making a purchase real soon and our 6 acres at Dog Woods will be put up for sale.  More updates on Friday!