December 25, 1995 – January 3, 2011




On Monday we had to say goodbye to our Old Man.  On Christmas Day 2010 he celebrated (as far as we know) his 17th birthday.  Hardy is the first dog Jason and I had together and has been with us since the first apartment we had.  You can read the story of how Hardy found us if you haven’t heard his story before.  (All of our dog’s stories are on there, except Rudy’s, which I intend to add).


Hardy was such a good, sweet, loving dog.  He was spry right up until last week when his vestibular disease and potential brain tumor finally took over his old life.  As he became more disoriented we decided his quality of life was not what it once was and that it was probably time to let him go peacefully.  Our wonderful vet, Dr. Laurelee Rubsch, is a mobile vet who comes to our house to treat the dogs.  This made the process so much easier for both of us and especially for Hardy.  He is now buried next to Big Worm where we can visit him anytime we want to. 


I miss you, Old Man.  You’ll live on in our hearts forever.  :*(


Hardy - 12/25/1994 - 01/03/2011