Week two into the resolutions and doing good! We’ve been getting up at 5:15 each morning to get an hour of stretching and cardio in before work. Next week when we’re better aquainted with awakening at the crack of dawn we’ll add in strength training. We’ve been eating well and have cut out all alcohol *gasp* for the time being. I do miss my beer, but it hasn’t been too bad. Luckily we stay busy with our jobs, work at home and the ever-busy schedule of a teenager in the house.

Speaking of teens, it will be a miracle if I make it to my 32nd birthday without my head imploding. Why must everything be so difficult, contain such drama and cause so much stress?! Apparently rules are made to be broken, chores are for days with nothing better to do and homework is an unimportant waste of time. Apparently the only thing that is important is boys, boys and, hmmm, oh yeah, boys. You can only spend so much time lecturing, calmly checking your temper and trying to rationally explain the “why” of it all before feeling like an utter failure or just giving up. As always things will work out in the end, but hoo-boy how interesting these next 3 years will be. For anyone else with teen girls, you have my sympathy and understanding. Those of you that don’t, just pray for me!