So tomorrow is the big kickoff day for our new year resolution. We put it off by one day since we were traveling today to take Portia’s sister back home after her visit and knew we wouldn’t be up for it today. Since baby steps are key, Jason and I will be awakening at 5:30 to do a cardio workout of 30 minutes. If it’s not too bad outside (it suddenly got freezing & gusty outside today) we will take a walk through the neighborhood – otherwise we’ll do some cardio indoors.

Today we went to the grocery and bought the necessary groceries for the next couple of weeks of healthy eating. We also rearranged the basement to create half of the large room for Jason’s drums and guitars and the other half for our home gym. So far we have a stationary bike, a pullup/dip/leg lift stand, weight bench and a exercise ball. We pick up the weights this week. I’m desperately trying to find a used treadmill locally that has incline options, but everyone seems to be on this health kick with resolutions and all so they are hard to come by right now.

In the meantime, I’m enjoying my last bit of beer for a while, munching on some chips and getting to bed early to start my new adventure!