Project 365: 95/365
First Tulip - 95/365

We have our first tulip bloom in the back yard flower bed!  It’s so pretty and vibrant.  I’m sure the rest will soon follow.  We also have yellow and white tulips that bloom for their short stint, not to be seen again until next spring.

Project 365: 94/365

Painter Helper - 94/365

I painted the stairway and upstairs hallway over the weekend since it’s never been painted in the 10 years we’ve lived in this house.  Nothing extravagant, just painted from a dingy grey to a light beige to be neutral and help lighten up the dark stairway and hallway.  Lois Lane decided she was going to help, but alas, she removed more paint with her side and tail than she helped with.

Easter weekend was absolutely beautiful and aside from painting most of our time was spent outside.  We worked on the pond a bit, had a cookout Friday night and totally vegged out on Sunday just enjoying the beautiful weather.  This is my type of weather!