Tuesday we found out that we’ll be closing on the new house this Monday.  After expecting it to be closed at the end of the month this came as quite the shock!  Here we thought we had 7 weeks to get our house in shape to rent and to get everything packed up.  Now we have just over three weeks – gah!  So warp speed ahead!  I already had rarely used items and non-essential items all packed up over the last several weeks, but now I can start working on anything we won’t need in the next three weeks.  We’ve also been selling all kinds of things on Craig’s List, which is nice since we don’t need it, we made some money and we don’t have to move those items.  I think Jason ate soup for lunch for three straight weeks so we don’t have to pack and move so many canned goods – LOL!

I had to cancel a camping trip for this weekend and a King’s Island trip in order to make sure everything gets done on time, but that’s ok, it will be worth it in the end.  So instead, on the agenda this weekend is filling in the Koi pond.  We sold all the fish ( on Craig’s List ) and now have to remove the flower beds, fill in the crater in the back yard and sew grass seed.  Anyone like to throw dirt around?  Come on over!

I’m likely to be scarce in blogging over the next few weeks, but once we get moved in and settled look out!  I plan to keep the blind permanently setup in the wooded area of the back yard and hope to get some great wildlife shots!  And once we get settled I’ll be posting house photos as well.

If anyone has any good moving tips for us please do tell – it’s been a while since we’ve done this!