It’s been an eventful weekend ( well the whole past month has been ), but we’re finally here!  With the gracious help of lots of friends we made quick work of the move.  We only had two furniture casualties – one bookshelf lost to I-71 and one end table glass insert got shattered – all in all, not to shabby!

I’ve gotten all the major unpacking done – all that is left is little stuff that I don’t really know what to do with yet and my entire craft room, which will likely be a winter project.  The office is still partially in a shambles, but we’re up and running, which is the important part.

The dogs are loving the new place already, even though they can’t free roam the yard yet.  We’re getting a fence estimate this week to at least get an area for the four beasts to romp in until we get around to fencing the majority of the 11 acres.  For now we have two 20 foot screw in the ground leads for Buddy and Hardy.  Blue and Lois stick close so we don’t worry about them so much.  Here’s Buddy lounging at the end of his lead:

Giant Dawg Chillaxin'

Buddy in his new front yard

Lots more photos will be coming as soon as I get all settled and have time and energy to get outside.  And inside photos are coming as soon as the place no longer looks like it was run over by a Tasmanian devil.