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Feed the Pups!

I came across this cool site on someone’s blog the other day and thought it was a really cool way to help feed needy dogs and cats. You simple go to the site, play the trivia question of the day and whether you get the...

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July Flickr Mixer

Yesterday we had a local Flickr Mixer outing and headed down to Waterfront Park to take portrait photos. It was very humid, but we all had a great time. My photos from the shoot are here. After the shoot some of us headed back...

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Nikon D80 – First shots

Over the weekend I sold my Nikon D50 and upgraded to a Nikon D80. Here are a couple of my favorite shots from my first outing with the new camera body. These were taken at the pond on the grounds of Louisville Memorial Gardens...

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New Eyes

I can see again! It really is amazing how much better I can read the computer screen with my new reading glasses. Guess you really never know how bad it is until you fix it. I went cheap on the frames this time, but I kinda like...

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First Book Club Meeting

Our first book club meeting was tonight. It was fantastic! I managed to read the entire book in two hours yesterday. (I am the queen of procrastination!) Jennifer cooked a wonderful dinner of grilled swordfish with rice, salad...

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Busy Weekend

Whoo boy…I’m almost glad to go back to work to get a break! Almost…not quite. 😉 It’s been a heck of a weekend that started Thursday night at the casino boat. Mom and I went out for what seems to be...

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Book Club

Something I have always wanted to do is join a book club…and now I’m a member of one! As we were having dinner with our friend’s Jennifer & Scott last week I found out that she was starting a small local...

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Cicada City!

Apparently it is the time of year for cicadas to hatch, or whatever it is they do.  We have 3 trees in the back yard filled with moulted cicada shells.   It really is quite an eerie site when standing under the trees and looking...

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Clean Dog Smell

Today all three dogs went to the groomers. Hardy got a bath and his summer cut and Blue and Lois Lane each got a bath. Since Hardy is going on 15 years old he is more grey than black now. But he has a nice black stripe down the...

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Loooong Weekend!

Ahhh finally!  A nice long weekend!  With Monday being Memorial Day and a work holiday for me I decided to go ahead and take Friday off as well, even though we only work until noon.  I have lots of vacation time to use up and...

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Property Photos

Jason and I went out to the property to look around now that the trees have started to get their leaves and everything is starting to bloom – wow what a difference just 3 weeks makes from when we first went out to look at...

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