I’ve been kicking around the idea of learning how to sew for several months now. Not necessarily clothing, though that’s certainly not out of the question down the road, but more from a crafy standpoint.  Things like pillow slips, curtains, placemats, mug rugs, hand bags, and perhaps some quilting once I get the hang of things.  Since I don’t do any scrapbooking or rubber stamping any more I am in the process of selling any stamps and supplies worth anything. I decided once I sold enough to cover the purchase of a sewing machine I would make a purchase and start learning. I’ve now hit that magic number, plus some, and the winter months are approaching, so I made my purchase after much research.

This week I ordered a Janome 2212 sewing machine. It’s supposed to be a good entry level machine, but built well and usable for all kinds of projects. I didn’t want anything too fancy and I didn’t want to jump to an embroidery machine until I figure out the basics first, since they are a lot more money and I don’t know how well this is going to go.

The machine should arrive today!  I’m leaving for a Florida vacation with my girlfriends today, but it will be here waiting for me when I return. I’m very excited to start learning and have a ton of projects on my PInterest Sewing board.  Hopefully I like it as much as I think I will.  And hopefully I’m good at it…at least a little bit.  🙂